Rome is the capital city of Italy with an area of 1285 kilometer square and 2879728 residents. It is filled with many pieces if antiquity, Christian faith and has historical heritage. It is also the largest city in Rome and famous for the ancient roman empire plus the historic city of UNESCO world heritage with eye-catching thousand-year-old churches, monuments and graceful fountains.

Tourist attraction

The colosseum and arc of Constatine - It is one of the largest structures left by Roman antuquity, the construction was begun in AD 72 by Vespasian and the fourth story was added after his son. It is very large and perfect for theatrical performances, festivals, circus and so on.

Vatican city - It is the smallest city and independent state in the world with an area less than half a kilometer and most of it is closed by Vatican walls. Pope is the supreme head of the Roman Catholic church and gardens inside the Vatican. Tickets to visit Vatican city can be very long instead buy an online ticket.

The Patheon - It is one of the best-preserved monuments of Roman antiquity and intact like this from the last 2000 years even though Pope grorey removed the gilded bronze roof tiles. It was rebuilt after it was damaged by fire in AD 80.

Trevi fountain - One of the most popular tourist attractions of the 17th century and has been immortalized in films until it is almost a required visit. It is a tradition to throw a coin in Trevi fountain that is supposed to give you something in return. The fountain was created for Pope Clement between 1732 and 1751

When to visit Rome

June, July, and August experience the highest tourist traffic in Rome although spring and fall are also a popular time to travel across the places.

Major airport

There is one international airport in Rome known Leonardo da plus it is a major airport in Rome and busiest airport with almost 43 million passengers served in 2018


Rome's tourist attractions do not cluster so there are many places to accommodate. Monti neighborhood is the most central place and perfect for accommodation. visitors can find luxury hotels near Colosseum near forum and opera house while budget-friendly hotels.