Barcelona is one of the cosmopolitan cities in Spain and was discovered as Roam city. It contains a diversity of cultures, located near the Eastern Mediterranean coast. You can also notice the influence of a famous artist called Picasso and Miro in the city. It is home to the iconic architecture. Mediterranean climate adds charm to the place.

Tourist Attractions

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia - It has of the most popular churches which are also listed by UNESCO. Design of churches are inspired by Nouveau architecture, construction started in 1833

BarriGtic (Gothic Quarter) - It is a 200-year-old full of spirituality and situated in the center of the city. It is also the region where Christopher Columbus received Catholic Monarch. It is regarded as an iconic piece of Gothic Architecture.

Camp Nou - Must visit attraction for architecture lovers and Football fans. It is residence to FC Barcelona, with seating of 99,354 which is enormous in Europe and second-largest all across the globe. The Olympic game of 1992 was also conducted here.

ParcGuell: Gaudi's Surrealist Park - It was planned by Antoni Gaudi and the UNESCO World Heritage site, built between 1900 to 1944. It is full of colors and decorated in multicolored in ceramic fragments bordered by a pleasant garden, it was also home of Gaudi as he loves this place.

When to visit Barcelona

Best time to visit Barcelona is from May to June when days are quite sunny but has the crispy cold weather, all thanks to the Mediterranean sea though you can visit Barcelona at any time in the year, but May to June experience peak of tourism.

Major Airport

El PratJosepTarradellas Airport is the main international airport in Barcelona located 12 kilometers away from the city center. This airport is entitled after a small town called El Prat which confuses visitors at times.


There are numerous accommodation places in Barcelona from high to low price range. BarrioGotica is the oldest city and you might find accommodation at low prices. If you want to have a beach view hotel and want to visit the newly developed area then Vila Olimpica is best to stay. El Raval is a perfect place if you are on a budget and want to enjoy pop culture.