How do I speak to someone at SpiceJet Airlines?

SpiceJet is an Indian Airline through which you can travel to your desired country. It is a low-budget airline, and you can book a flight at a cheaper rate. If you need help or have any queries from the airline, you can contact spice jet customer service, and the representative will assist and answer your questions.

Multiple ways to speak to someone at SpiceJet 

Through Phone call - First method to speak to someone at SpiceJet is through a phone call. You can call on the airline phone number(0124 498 3410) or 1-802-341-3401, and then the representative will get through to you to answer your questions. If you have no idea about how you can call the airline to get through with a representative then, use the below information:

  • Dial SpiceJet's telephone number from your cell phone 1-802-341-3401
  • Press the button to select the language.
  • Press IVR to speak with the customer service representative.
  • Then you have to wait a few minutes, and your call will get associated with a representative.
  • Explain your situation, and the representative will help you with your problem by providing solutions.

How Do I Chat with SpiceJet?

The second method to contact the airline is through the chat option. If you have any questions like How Do I Chat with SpiceJet, then it is not a complex method, and you can do it by following the given steps:

  • Visit the official website "" of SpiceJet.
  • Click on the "Help & Support" section.
  • Then you have to select the 'Chat with us" option.
  • Choose any topic from the options.
  • Tap on the "Chat with the representative" button.
  • After that, a representative will get through to you.
  • Then you can discuss your problem and the representative will provide you with the answer.

Social networking sites - Another best method to contact the airline is through social networking sites. You can send a message to the airline on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram with a picture related to your problem to make it easier for customer service to understand. The representative will reply to your question with the answer. Following are the links you can use to send a message to the airline:

With this information, you must have known about how do I speak to someone at SpiceJet Airlines using multiple ways. If you want more information about the airline, you can visit the official website and read the airline policy.