How do I make a complaint to United Airlines?

United Airlines provides its customers with the best services and facilities worldwide, so there is less chance of complaining about them. However, there are times when things don't go well as per our expectations or might be unpleasant. In that case, United facilitates you with an option where you can share a complaint with the airline anytime.

In case you don't know, how do I make a complaint to United Airlines? It's very simple. You can use the airline's complaint form online or opt for other modes of communication to share your complaint. The support team will review it and gets back to you soon. Now let's proceed further and check out the detailed information about sharing complaints with United.

Learn how to file a complaint with United Airlines?

Whether you are not happy with your last trip or have any service-related issues, you can follow the procedure below to file a complaint with United.

Steps to the complaint with United Airlines 

  1. Go to the official website of United Airlines and open the help center page 
  2. You need to locate the complaint form available on the support page, open the form  
  3. You can also login to your MileagePlus account and contact United to save time 
  4. Fill out all the six sections below given on the form online; you can highlight concerns in the type of feedback 
  • Your Information
  • Type of feedback 
  • Flights
  • Details
  • Additional information
  • How to get back to you 

Once you fill in all the details above, click the Submit button to share the form.

The support team will review your form, and depending on the input under 'how to get back to you, they will contact you. 

In addition to the procedure above, you can opt for alternate ways to file your complaint. Here are all the options for your reference; use them if required.

Alternate ways to file a complaint with the United 

  • Phone call
  • You can call the United toll-free number and share complaints with the airline anytime. You can get the number by visiting the phone directory available on the support page.
  • Email support
  • You can also use email support from the airline to share your complaint. You can create an email, type your concern, and click on the send button to share it. The support team reviews it and gets back to you in 24-48 hours.
  • Chat support 

You can also chat with the airline directly and share your complaint. Go to the chat support link available on the support page, and click on the chat button to start a chat session.

Reading the information above, you must be clear about How do I make a complaint to United Airlines? If you still have any doubt or need further information, speak to the United representative directly.