How can I get a hold of United?

United Airlines is a leading airline in the USA and flies to a wide network of destinations on domestic and international routes across the globe. Often it is complained by passengers that it is difficult to reach customer service representative 24/7.

Get hold of United Airlines by calling

To enquire regarding the tickets and other services, you can call the United Airlines office in your city and speak to a concerned person. To Get hold of United Airlines by callingtry the following steps:

  • Call on 1 800 864 8331 or 1-802-341-3401 try the number of the local office of United Airlines.
  • The call will begin with IVR instructions
  • You can press the number mentioned for your query or assistance request
  • You can select the option given to connect directly with a customer service person.
  • Discuss the issues and concerns to get immediate answers to the queries.

Send a message on a live chat:

 United Airlines has a 24x7 live chat service for passengers to reach out the customer service. If you sign in to the United airlines account or download the United Airlines app, a live chat service will be available to connect with the customer service person. To access the live chat, do the following:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines
  • Sign in to your account on the website or on the phone app
  • Choose the live chat option from the contact information
  • Enter your message on the chat window
  • Send it to the customer service person.
  • You will receive an instant reply to the queries.

Connect with United Airlines on Social media handles:

United Airlines responds quickly to queries or other messages sent on the following social media pages:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Why does it take so long for United Airlines to answer the phone? 

If you want to have a Query Why does it take so long for United Airlines to answer the phone? There are various reasons that contribute to the delay in response, a few of which are enlisted below:

  • Heavaffic in the phone network because of the huge number of calls made to customer service.
  • Prolonged discussion on the queries of the delayers resulting in a long hold time on the phone.
  • Network issues also delay the calls to connect on the customer service number

So you can skip the wait and try the other ways to contact the customer service of United Airlines as described herein:

Hence to understand  How can I get a hold of United? Please go through the above illustrations and reach United Airlines customer service.