Can you use Delta miles on Air France? 

When you have a number of Delta miles but would like to fly with Air France for your suitability, you may like to redeem the miles for your Air France flight ticket. As both are partnered airlines, one can easily use Delta SkyMiles to Air France. Using the miles, one can make flight ticket purchases, do seat upgrades, select preferred seats, or add meals on their flight. All you have to do is use the "Pay with Miles" option on the Air France payment page and redeem the miles for the mentioned things. 

How do I add Delta SkyMiles to Air France? 

If someone wants to add their SkyMiles to Air France, they will require the credentials of both of the accounts. Here, the procedure for adding SkyMiles to an Air France account has been mentioned; you can adhere to the following:

  • First, go to your Delta website,
  • Select the "SkyMiles" option followed by "My SkyMiles",
  • Put your credentials on the columns and log in,
  • As the page loads, you can view the available miles on the account,
  • There you can find the "Add Airline Mileage" option,
  • You need to enter the Air France account credentials in the provided space,
  • Now set the number of miles to add,
  • Provide confirmation, and the selected SkyMiles will be added to your Air France account. 

Can I transfer Delta SkyMiles to Air France Flying Blue? 

One cannot transfer the available Delta SkyMiles to Air France Flying Blue. As per the airline's policy, an individual can only redeem the miles for making payments for various factors at Air France. 

If you would like to know how you can get a flight with Air France using SkyMiles, you can adhere to the given process:

  • Head to the homepage of Air France on the browser,
  • Make your search as per the requirement on the page,
  • Find a suitable ticket to reserve from the search result page,
  • As you tap the "Book option," you will lead to the passenger info section,
  • Fill in the details of the passenger appropriately,
  • Next, go to the payment section,
  • You are required to pick the "Use SkyMiles" option on the page,
  • Then you have to add the Delta SkyMiles details,
  • The applicable fare will be compensated with the miles at Air France,
  • If needed, you can make the rest of the payment with an online mode,
  • Then, your Air France flight ticket will be booked, redeeming the available SkyMiles.