How early should I get to Airport Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian airlines is the passenger carrier of Ethiopia. The airline is verified with a four-star ranking on the grounds of the services they provide to its passengers. Many passengers are taking their services and are confused about How early should I get to the airport Ethiopian Airlines? Passengers should arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. So that passenger can have a smooth onboard experience; another reason is passengers can miss their flight or also lose their property when there is a hurry. But by any chance, if a passenger is not able to reach the airport due to any reason, they can contact Ethiopian airlines, or customers can contact the airlines. 

Alternate ways to contact Ethiopian Airlines Airport

There are Alternate ways to contact Ethiopian airlines airport so that passengers can get an instant solution to their queries without wasting any of their time.

  • Through a phone call: call is a widely used option by the passengers because it solves the passenger's problems in a minute. There are many call center numbers available on their official website so make sure you dial the correct regional phone number. Follow the steps if you are unable to find their contact details:
  • Visit the Ethiopian airline's official website.
  • On their main page, the contact us option is available.
  • After that, you will be asked to select the region, and all the contact details will appear. 
  • Make a call at +1 909 328 6127, and a live representative will join us to assist you.
  • Message the airlines using the web chat option: passengers can message the airlines using their chat service available on the airline's official website. If a passenger is not able to have a conversation on call, chat is the best alternative option. Follow the steps if you wish to have a conversation with the airline on chat.
  • Open the airline's official website.
  • Visit their contact u page.
  • After that, a chat box will pop up on the screen. 
  • Type all of your queries and click on send.
  • Once the query is sent, solutions will be provided.
  • Via feedback form: these forms are also provided to the customers. Either the feedback will be positive or negative. If you give negative feedback, the airlines try to contact you and try to resolve the issue. Follow the steps to find their feedback forms.
  • On the airline's website, select the contact us page.
  • After that, on the right side, the feedback option will be visible.
  • Open their feedback form, write the query and click on submit.
  • Within five business days, the airline will contact you.