How Can I Change My EasyJet Flight?

A low-cost and pocket-friendly airline in London is EasyJet. The airline has its main headquarters at London Luton Airport and has its operations from Belfast International Airport, and Birmingham Airport. The airline has flies to more than 970 destinations in some 34 countries around the world. For the trip, you have booked with EasyJet at a better cost. If there are any changes in the plan, you can proceed to modify the flight accordingly. For the details on changing the ticket booked, you can read the article below and grab the required information. The same holds all the required specifics related to process, policy, fees, and other data. 

EasyJet Flight change policy. 

EasyJet permits flight modifications by their rules and regulations. Therefore, in order to change the flight details or the travel itinerary, you must read the information below. The EasyJet flight change policy is as follows, which will enable you to find out more about their specifics:

  • A free adjustment to the reservation is allowed within 24 hours of the original booking time, seven days or more after the departure. All the bookings, irrespective of the fare rules can undergo this free change. This policy can be termed as the 24-hour risk-free policy. 
  • Any elite or premium class reservation may be changed for free up to four hours before departure. This shall not cost you any additional cost as these are the premium reservations. 
  • If the alterations are being made in response to an emergency medical situation or the death of a close relative, there is no cost associated with them. You will only have to put forth the relevant medical documents so that the EasyJet flight change can be easily fulfilled. The airline pays back the complete amount spent for the reservation. 
  • In the situation when the airline changes or cancels the booking due to controllable situations like any technical glitch, staffing shortage, air strike, or other reasons, the airline either pays you back the complete amount or compensates for the same. In the conditions when the change has been delayed to more than four hours, the airline shall additionally provide accommodation and food as compensation. 
  • The applicable complete change fare must be paid. If not, no modifications will be allowed. Furthermore, there can only be one alteration per ticket. More than that, changes are not allowed. 
  • Follow through the booking process to get done with the changes. You must follow through the procedure of booking. 

How do I change the flight I booked with EasyJet? 

EasyJet Airlines has various methods available through which ticket booking can be done. You can go through each of the methods from the details mentioned and get to understand the process well. 

Online- To change a flight booking, one of the easiest methods is the online process. There are a set of steps to be followed, after which the changes can be easily done. The steps in the process are as follows: 

  • Extend your arm towards EasyJet Airlines’ homepage,
  • Tap on the manage booking option available at the top of the page. 
  • Either sign in and log in to your registered account. Or use the booking itinerary details to recoup the reservation. 
  • Next, click on the menu icon list and select the change option. 
  • You will be guided through the process. Follow the instructions you receive on the screen to complete what is needed. 
  • Once done, you shall receive the confirmation email from EasyJet with the changed ticket attached to it. 

Offline- Though the process includes a little extra cost, if you change the flight through the call process, you will not have to run through a hectic process. You can easily make the changes by dialing the number +44 (0) 330 5515151 between Mon-Sun: 08:00-20:00 (BST) and communicating with the customer executive of the airline. After dialing the number, you can follow through the given steps and get their guidance: 

  • Choose a required language after dialing the number. 
  • You will get IVRs, so listen carefully and follow through on them. 
  • Choose one as required. Soon an executive will connect on call. 
  • Explain the issues you have with changes, pay for the change and get done with the process. 

Can EasyJet tickets be changed?

Yes, EasyJet flight tickets can change. You can easily post having a piece of information about the fare rules get to make the changes to the flight. You can from the official website get the changes done. 

Can I change my EasyJet flight free of charge?

Yes, EasyJet allows you to change the flight booked without any charges incurred. This shall vary from one ticket to another. You may have the details about the airline’s fare rules and their booking conditions so that you may be allowed for a free change. 

Can I change my EasyJet flight to another date?

With EasyJet flights, tickets postponed and prepone are allowed. Thus letting you make the changes to another date at ease. You might have to pay the fare difference, if any and confirm the changes. 

Can you change EasyJet seats after booking?

Yes, the seats on EasyJet can undergo alterations after the booking has been done. However, there has to be ample time for the changes to be done. Additionally, the extra fare and service fees will be applicable along with the new seat cost. 

How much does it cost to change EasyJet flight?

Basing on various conditions, the change fee of EasyJet flights shall be different. The details of the flight change fee are as follows: 

  • If the changes are being made online- 

60 days before the departure: €25

60 days or less before the departure: €49

  • If the change process is being done with the help of a customer service executive- 

60 days before the departure: €30

60 days or less before the departure: €54

Conclusion- Thus, from the article above, you can well go through the information and get an idea of the changes you are planning to make. However, if there is any additional help that you are needing, you may skim through their website or get to connect for help. The customer service team of EasyJet can be your best guide and help you through.